Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the 6clicks Academy

    2. Course Objectives

    3. Important Information About This Course

    1. Risk Management Through The Lifecycle

    2. Risk Reviews & Risk Management

    3. Demo: Running a Risk Review

    4. Demo: Risk Management

    1. Executing Risk Reviews & Managing 3rd Party Suppliers

    2. Building a Risk Review

    3. Executing a Client Risk Review

    4. Managing 3rd Parties in the Client 6clicks Platform

    5. Demo: 3rd Party Risk Management

    6. Building a New Register

    7. Demo: Using the Register Functionality to the Max

    8. Demo: Tips, Tricks & Miscellaneous Items on the 6clicks Platform

    1. 6clicks Administration Basics

    2. Demo: The Basics of Admin for Your Client on 6clicks

    1. Short Quiz: Risk Management and Administration Basics

    2. Short Quiz

    3. Congratulations!

About this course

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